Trash For Cash

April 01, 2018

In April to October 2018, the Company together with YAPL, PBI, ICM and external parties, namely Go Jek and PT Ari Karya Utama, organized Trash for Cash program in Podomoro City area (MGR 1, MGR 2, RMG, Madison Park and CPR), Metro Park and Podomoro University.


Trash for Cash program was a flagship social campaign to invite the public to take part in overcoming the problem of plastic waste in a contemporary way using fintech. People were asked to deposit plastic bottles that they collected to get “payment.” Every deposited plastic bottle will be recorded in the participant’s card that must be shown when depositing the garbage. Each 330 ml beverage bottle was valued at IDR30, 600 ml bottle at IDR50 and 1,200 ml bottle at IDR70. Each participant can exchange plastic waste savings with a Go Pay balance with a minimum of exchange of IDR5,000.