Trash For Cash

January 01, 2019

As a concern for the environment and the future of earth for future generations, since 2018, the Company and its stakeholders have been running a sustainable Trash for Cash (TFC) program to reduce plastic waste. Although it is only a small step, but the main goal is to build public awareness to start caring about the threat of plastic waste to life. TFC program aims to encourage people to overcome the problem of plastic waste in a contemporary and unique way that is associated with digital financial system (fintech).

TFC program is a collaboration between the Company and Agung Podomoro Land Foundation, ICM, Central Park Mall and other mall managements within the Company’s group. As the Company’s Social Flagship Campaign, TFC also collaborates with external parties, namely GoJek and PT Ari Karya Utama. The program is held in Podomoro City area (MGR 1, MGR 2, RMG, Madison Park and CPR), Metro Park and Podomoro University. 2019 TFC program is a continuation of the program carried out in April-October 2018 which continued until February 2019.

This program gained enthusiasm and high participation from residents of Podomoro City. Each plastic bottle deposited will be recorded on the participant’s card. A small 330 ml package is valued at IDR30 per bottle, a 600 ml medium size bottle is valued at IDR50, while a large size bottle up to 1,200 ml is valued at IDR70. The value collected by the participants can then be exchanged for Go Pay balance with a minimum exchange of Rp5,000.