Yayasan Agung Podomoro Land


Through CSR programs, the Company maintains a harmonious relationship with all stakeholders and actively contributes to efforts to empower and improve the welfare of the society and the environment.

As a developer of vertical housing and modern living environment, the Company is committed to maintain and improve environmental quality in each of its projects so as to create healthy and comfortable environment not only for the residents and customers of the Company, but also for the people of the surrounding communities.


The Company is aware that the success of its business does not only depend on operational and financial factors but also a harmonious relationship with all stakeholders involved in the Company’s operations. The Company actively contributes to the efforts to empower and improve the welfare of the communities and the environment through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities.

The Company’s CSR programs are coordinated through Agung Podomoro Land Foundation (“YAPL”), and are professionally managed in terms of planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. Therefore, CSR programs are able to have a sustainable positive impact on the beneficiaries. In its implementation, YAPL works together with the Company’s entities and external social organizations that have a good reputation and credibility.

  • Our Mission

    YAPL commits to fulfill a safe community through innovative and continuous effort and true action.

  • Our Vision

    To improve the economy and life of the community in order to become more independent.