Disability Awareness Art and Music Performance

September 27, 2019

As part of the Company’s anniversary celebration, on September 27-29, 2019, YAPL held Disability Awareness: Fashion, Music, Work and Art of People with Disabilities. The performance took place at Atrium of Central Park Mall. Visitors could see the performance of children with special needs from Asih Budi Foundation (Mentally Disabled Foundation), Dwituna Rawinala Education Foundation, Tri Asih Foundation (Mentally Disabled), Precious One (Hearing Impairment), Disability Foundation (Visual Impairment) and Rumah Harapan Indonesia. In addition to displaying works of art, children with special needs also presented the process of making their works. Visitors could buy works exhibited as a form of appreciation and motivation for children with disabilities so that they were eager to become independent.

On September 27, children with special needs presented performance of Disability Awareness at Tribeca Park, Central Park. Various interesting performances such as choir, modern dance, fashion shows, angklung and band group performance received a standing ovation from the audience who were visitors at Central Park and Neo Soho Mall.