Consider These Before You Buy A Property

March 27, 2020

Property investment is always considered as an attractive type of investment, due to its continuous price increase, high stability, and combined with low volatility. Profit from investing in property is relatively quick. However, property investment does require greater initial capital compared to other types of investment. Therefore, we must be extra attentive and careful in buying property, be it landed houses or apartments. 

Consider these firsts before you decide to buy a property:

Great Location
The first and foremost thing you should consider is location. It is the key to every property. Ideally, the property is strategically located and has a good surrounding area. A strategic location can be translated to multiple alternative access to get to the property, easy access and near to public transportations, and located close to the main road. Avoid any property if the surroundings are dominated by slums, close to extra-high voltage overhead power line (SUTET), or close to the flood-prone area.

Building Specifications
Property investment is a long-term investment, therefore you certainly want the best. Make sure the building specifications of the property. Property developers have to include their projects’ building specifications in their marketing brochure. Pay close attention to what materials are used for the building frame, foundation, walls, floor, ceiling, and roof. Make sure all materials are sturdy and last for decades. Do not forget to check the provided electricity capacity, air circulation, and the availability of clean water in the property.

Complete Documentation
Double-check the completeness of the documentation of the property you wish to buy, such as administrative documents and permit of the project development, building permits (IMB), and other supporting documents. In addition to these documents, also ensure that property prices include costs associated with the sale and purchase of property, such as the deed of sale, right of building certificate (SHGB), interest in land and estate in land (BPHTB), and 10% value-added tax (VAT). You must be highly cautious in investing your money, there is always the possibility that the marketed price does not include these additional costs.

Safety and comprehensiveness
The next checkpoint is the environment safety. Make sure it is a safe environment for you and your family. Also, examine whether the environment is also safe for children. Property developers are always head to head with each other to give comprehensive public facilities to their tenants. The facilities ranging from clubhouses which are usually equipped with fitness centres and swimming pools to open space where you can lounge in and have a picnic. Keep an eye out to public facilities provided by other property developers and do not hesitate to compare them.

Property Developer Reputation
Last, but not least, is the reputation of your property developer. Learn the track record of the property developer, whether the previous project has a problem or not, whether the construction is going well, and whether the marketed price is in accordance with the selling price. Look for a reputable property developer with trusted track record and experience. Once your desired property has passed the above checkpoints, then rest assured it will be a worthy investment.

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