Kota Podomoro Tenjo is an independent city and a new satellite with the best architectural concept in western part of Jakarta. Located on Jalan Tigaraksa, Tenjo, Bogor, Kota Podomoro Tenjo developed has excellent location and access to Tigaraksa and Tenjo railway stations, and is traversed by Serpong-Balaraja toll road which will provide a high investment value in the future. Kota Podomoro Tenjo is also developing Grand Transit Oriented Development (TOD) which allows to reach Jakarta in only 40 minutes and only 2 km from planned new Serpong-Balaraja toll road (Cileles and Jambe toll gates) so it only takes +/- 20 minutes to Serpong. This project offers 2546 landed houses with 2 and 3 bedrooms.