Socialization of Waste Reduction in Podomoro City Area

March 22, 2019

On March 22, 2019, the Company and PT Inner City Management (ICM) held socialization program on waste reduction in Podomoro City area. The socialization was held at City Hall of Royal Mediterani Garden Residenses Apartment and participated by Jakarta Provincial Government’s Environmental Service Office.Waste management in apartment projects of the Company is handled by ICM with Green Waste program. Because of its high social impact, ICM invited scavengers to sort the wastes of apartment residents. Anorganic waste canbe taken by scavengers to be sold to collectors. Whereas organic waste from scavengers is processed into compost and methane gas. ICM uses compost to develop urban farming on every roof top apartment managed by ICM. The Green Waste Program naturally develops mutualism with scavengers.