Our Project » Podomoro Park Buah Batu, South Bandung

The residential estate will be built on a 100 hectare area and just 2 km from the Toll Gate of Buah Batu, as access to other cities, such as Jakarta. This residential area implements Woodbrige Irvine California residential design and masterplan design and landscape from Palmscape Singapore.

To balance the need for residential, the area will be equipped with five elements of residential resorts. First, the lush trees and park to create an oxygen cycle and make the lungs of the city. Other elements, the lake with approximately 1 kilometer long can be used as a place of water recreation. The next element is nearly 50 percent of the land - out of a total of about 100 hectares of land - is a green and open space, which also allowing children to play in open space and also has a view of the mountains of South Bandung. The area also has a 24-hour security system and will have 10 hectares of land as a commercial area, a lakeside jogging track, and a clubhouse that contains a swimming pool, fitness center and multipurpose room.