Green Permata

A luxurious housing with modern tropical concept, elegant design which reflects modern lifestyle in the middle of prestigious residential district of South Jakarta.

Green Permata is an expansion from Permata Mediterania housing which is very strategically located in South Jakarta, with land area of 127.128 m2, built area of 63.627 m2 dan with 328 units in total.

Green Permata is a blend of two of the most extraordinary features from Singapore and Bali to create a whole new living concept. Singapore is known world wide as a Garden City which is very discipline with order, tidiness, and cleanliness.

The other tropical island which is Bali, is known for its handicraft and landscaping. Due to Jakarta’s location in between Singapore and Bali hence the concept to blend the two traditions; tropical island and metropolitan city.


Total Land Area 127.128 m2
Total Built Area 63.627 m2
Starting 2011
Completion 2013
Opening 2013

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