Agung Podomoro Offers Properties at Prices Comparable to Gen Z's Rent

February 01, 2024

To support Generation Z in owning their dream homes, Agung Podomoro is offering properties priced like rental housing in various projects currently under development. This approach provides a relevant solution given the rising house prices year after year, which is one of the primary barriers for Generation Z to purchase homes. Another issue is financing schemes that are not friendly to the average income of millennials, resulting in many of them being hesitant or unable to afford their own homes. To facilitate Generation Z, Agung Podomoro is offering properties priced like rental housing in various projects such as Kota Podomoro Tenjo, Podomoro Golf View (Ekki Tower), Podomoro Park Bandung (Avanya & Avega), and The Sky Apartment.

Agung Podomoro Introduces Properties Priced Like Rental Housing for Gen Z

Agung Podomoro is one of the leading property developers in Indonesia with an extensive portfolio of projects across various cities in the country. By offering properties priced like rental housing for Generation Z, this is a smart move considering the increasing need for affordable urban housing.

As a smart developer, Agung Podomoro consistently monitors market dynamics and adopts approaches that align with the needs of the public. The property products offered always go beyond expectations and happiness. Agung Podomoro provides solutions for the public's need for high-quality properties that match modern lifestyles. The company offers a more modern, elegant, luxurious, and unique lifestyle in developing various types of residential and commercial properties such as hotels, malls, and trade malls. To reach young generations like Generations Y and Z, Agung Podomoro offers affordable housing while maintaining quality.

Kota Podomoro Tenjo Offers Millennials Home

Agung Podomoro's first property priced like rental housing comes from Kota Podomoro Tenjo. Starting in 2024, through Kota Podomoro Tenjo, Agung Podomoro has successfully marketed 5,500 units. Now, Agung Podomoro is launching "Millennials Home," which consists of houses starting from IDR 220 million and installment payments starting from IDR 1.8 million. Millennials Home is part of the Magnolia Cluster, the largest cluster with the most complete facilities located on the main boulevard ROW 28 of Kota Podomoro Tenjo.

With highly affordable prices, the facilities offered in the Magnolia Cluster are on par with five-star hotels. The layout was meticulously designed by Palm Scape Singapore, with every tree chosen and arranged with care. The Millennials Home houses in the Magnolia Cluster are directly connected to an inner Green Belt that features various facilities such as bike paths, sports facilities, jogging tracks, outdoor fitness, and more. The area is also adorned with various lush trees (mini forest) to create a cool and serene atmosphere.

Podomoro Park Bandung Offers Avanya & Avega 

The next property priced like rental housing offered by Agung Podomoro is Podomoro Park Bandung. To support Generations Y and Z in realizing their dream of owning a home, Podomoro Park Bandung is currently focused on developing houses priced around IDR 800 million, targeting the middle-class and younger population with affordable prices. Although the overall project is intended for the middle-high class, by the end of the year, Podomoro Park Bandung is focusing on supporting Generations Y and Z to own housing with a home purchase budget under IDR 1 billion. This way, Podomoro Park Bandung hopes to help more millennials realize their dream of owning their own homes.

Podomoro Park Bandung is introducing its latest products, Avanya and Avega, which are part of the Patragriya cluster. These units are designed as solutions for Generations Y and Z who want their dream homes in the elite Podomoro Park Bandung area. This cluster is specifically aimed at the younger generation, including workers in the Greater Bandung and Jakarta areas looking for their first homes. Financing for landed homes is always a challenge for young people. Therefore, Podomoro Park Bandung has partnered with several banking institutions to offer financing around IDR 4 million per month through the Millennial KPR method. This makes the rental-priced property highly sought after in Bandung.

Podomoro Golf View Offers Ekki Tower

If you want to own rental-priced property, then the Podomoro Golf View apartment is the right choice. Ekki Tower is one of the exclusive apartment towers in Podomoro Golf View, offering apartment units with attractive modern designs. Equipped with various luxurious facilities and easy access to different areas, Ekki Tower provides an exceptional living experience for you. Living in an apartment is a significant investment for the future, with the potential to increase in value over time and become a valuable financial asset. Podomoro Golf View specifically facilitates productive young generations in owning affordable apartments.

As a world-class resort-style residential area, Ekki Tower offers easy transportation access, a one-stop living concept, and an eco-friendly environment. Available facilities include a fitness center, swimming pool, playground, and multi-purpose room, enabling residents to enjoy a comfortable and active lifestyle within their residential environment.

Currently, Ekki Tower offers a total of 1,800 apartment units. There are three options of unit types suitable for young people. Studio Type offers a building area of 22 m² with prices starting from IDR 300 million. The 2 Bedroom Type has a building area of 36 m², with prices starting from IDR 500 million. The 3 Bedroom Type has a building area of 51 m² with prices starting from IDR 900 million. All apartment units in Ekki Tower are scheduled to be handed over in mid-2024.

By January 2024, construction of Ekki Tower has reached 75% completion, and sales levels have already reached 60%. At the beginning of the year, Podomoro Golf View also introduced various attractive promotions to make it easier for young people to own apartments. These include installments starting from IDR 1.9 million per month through partner banks such as Bank Mandiri, PaninBank, PermataBank, BNI, BSI, BRI, BTN, and Maybank.

The Sky Apartment Jakarta

The highly attractive rental-priced property is The Sky Apartment through Agung Podomoro Land. This apartment is presented as strategic housing located in the heart of Jakarta. Its strategic location not only provides convenience for its residents but also makes The Sky Apartment Jakarta an increasingly valuable investment. Located in central Jakarta, The Sky Apartment Jakarta offers a modern and practical lifestyle for its residents. This advantage is evident with its strategic location in central Jakarta, allowing for maximum time efficiency for residents.

So, those are some rental-priced properties offered by Agung Podomoro. If you are interested in owning a residence from the projects mentioned above, please contact our marketing team directly!