Enjoy Agung Podomoro's Premium Clubhouse with Five-Star Hotel Quality

May 01, 2024

Agung Podomoro introduces a premium clubhouse to meet the needs of those seeking exclusive facilities and luxury in a residential environment. With the presence of premium clubhouses in Agung Podomoro projects, consumers can enjoy various facilities ranging from swimming pools and fitness centers to recreational and entertainment areas designed to pamper its residents. Residents can enjoy a classy lifestyle at Agung Podomoro's premium clubhouses for free throughout their lifetime.

In addition, residents can also experience complete entertainment as if they were on vacation with their families. You can enjoy hotel-level premium sports facilities, making daily exercise comfortable and enjoyable.

Agung Podomoro Premium Clubhouse

Agung Podomoro is a leading, integrated, and trusted property developer in Indonesia. The company strives to strengthen its position as the locomotive driving the national property sector, aiming to provide sustainable contributions to Indonesia's economy. Agung Podomoro plays a central role by offering outstanding properties and providing various conveniences for consumers to own homes.

Agung Podomoro continuously innovates to provide products that are responsive to market needs. It also forms partnerships with financial institutions for various financing schemes, making it easier for people to own property. By providing easier access to financing, it encourages property demand and stimulates related businesses in the sector. With the Living in Style concept as its trademark, Agung Podomoro emphasizes its premium clubhouses present in all its residential properties. Elegance, luxury, and classiness are reflected in all the facilities provided, which all residents can enjoy for free with a lifetime membership at no cost.

Agung Podomoro also pays special attention to stunning green landscapes, designed by its subsidiary Palm Scape Singapore. With over 54 years of experience, Agung Podomoro is committed to accelerating the growth of the property sector by providing quality property products.

Bukit Podomoro Jakarta Introduces Premium Clubhouse

The presence of a clubhouse not only enhances property value but also makes it an increasingly promising investment for the future. The premium clubhouse at Bukit Podomoro Jakarta will give a boost to the property's value and unlock promising investment potential, particularly in terms of future capital gains. Agung Podomoro is committed to continually innovating and delivering the best property products to meet the needs of Indonesian families.

A clubhouse is one of the premium facilities that Agung Podomoro continuously enhances in modern residential environments. Agung Podomoro's Bukit Podomoro Jakarta project recently introduced a premium clubhouse equipped with various amenities. Agung Podomoro believes that a residential environment can significantly impact someone's quality of life. With an integrated environment that keeps pace with the times, individuals are encouraged to actively engage, leading to sustainable happiness and satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is a top priority, and the presence of a premium clubhouse reinforces Bukit Podomoro Jakarta's commitment to meeting consumers' needs effectively. Bukit Podomoro Jakarta continues to introduce new breakthroughs with clubhouse development to provide comfort and support consumers' physical health and mental well-being. The premium clubhouse construction is progressing smoothly and completed on time, ensuring that the facilities can soon be enjoyed by consumers.

Residential development in Bukit Podomoro Jakarta shows significant progress in line with strong consumer interest in the prestigious East Jakarta area. Bukit Podomoro Jakarta allocates 2,500 square meters of land for the development of a premium clubhouse, providing access to all facilities without leaving the area.

Premium Clubhouse Facilities at Bukit Podomoro Jakarta

The clubhouse at Bukit Podomoro is equipped with sports facilities that meet international standards, including a swimming pool, badminton court, rooftop tennis court, fitness studio, bowling and game room, and billiards area. Additionally, there are luxurious recreational facilities such as gardens, children's pools, a private cinema, jacuzzi, LA lounge, Leisure Lounge, Sunset Lounge, and Willshire ballroom.

The premium clubhouse at Bukit Podomoro Jakarta also includes handicap ramps accessible to all visitors, including children, teens, adults, seniors, and those with special needs. The clubhouse is designed to be inclusive, allowing all visitors to enjoy its facilities and enhance their quality of life optimally.

Located in East Jakarta, Bukit Podomoro Jakarta offers housing for urban residents seeking tranquility amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. Built on 9.6 hectares of land, Bukit Podomoro Jakarta features unique and exclusive designs, creating a high standard of living.

Access to and from Bukit Podomoro Jakarta to Central and South Jakarta is easy and fast. With access through three main toll gates—Inner City Toll Road, Becakayu Toll Road, and Jakarta Outer Ring Road (JORR)—residents can move smoothly. Additionally, the residential area is only 20 minutes from Monas and 15 minutes from Halim Perdanakusuma International Airport, facilitating residents' mobility.

In its development, the area is equipped with modern infrastructure and an integrated smart home system. This includes underground electrical networks, an advanced drainage system to prevent flooding, and the availability of fiber optic networks.