Discover A Whole New Dimension of Shopping at Neo Soho Mall

November 08, 2019

Last October 2019, Neo Soho Mall turned three years old. The shopping centre is a part of Podomoro City, West Jakarta. Podomoro City itself is one of the masterpieces of the largest property developer in Indonesia, Agung Podomoro Group. Every year Neo Soho Mall continues to bring the latest events and innovations to its visitors.

In entering its third year, Neo Soho Mall implemented new business strategies and approaches in running its business. One of the strategies is to transform the department store that used to occupy a fairly large area in Neo Soho Mall into a number of speciality stores. Some of the speciality stores are Japanese casual clothing brand Uniqlo, household appliances at Ace Hardware, furniture and interior needs at Informa, children’s toys at Toys Kingdom, and a gourmet supermarket The Food Hall. 

A variety of new food and beverage tenants also ready to serve Neo Soho Mall visitors, such as Abura Soba Yamatoten which served Japanese delicacy of noodles served without the classic ramen broth but with vinegar and chilli oil; and Spinfish Poke House that served poke bowls with the concept of a salad bar. If visitors fancy a relaxing afternoon, they can enjoy the freshness and sweetness of the renowned bubble tea from Taiwan in Xing Fu Tang or artisanal tea in Lewis & Carroll.

In addition to the new food and beverage tenants, Neo Soho Mall is already a melting pot of many cuisines. Born Ga served a number of Korean specialities and Putien is serving a variety of dishes from Putian, China. Putien is a branch of Putien Singapore, which received a one-star award from the prestigious Michelin back in 2016. Besides that, there are Pancious, Sushi Hiro, Gyukaku, Shaburi, Common Grounds, and diverse options of food and beverages. Seeing the abundance of choices, it is no wonder that Neo Soho Mall is often considered as gourmet heaven.

When it comes to entertainment, Neo Soho Mall offers a wide range of options. It has Kovee VR Theme Park where visitors can play by using virtual reality glasses so as if they are in the game directly, Jakarta Aquarium a recreational place that combines education and recreation, and Chipmunks Playground for children.

Moreover, many interesting events are frequently at Neo Soho Mall. Recently Neo Soho Mall organized a photo exhibition of Joko Widodo and Jusuf Kalla’s journey as Indonesia’s president and vice president. Neo Soho Mall is currently hosting the POZE x Mario Photographie exhibition, it consists of five installations that conceptualize Womanhood, Intuition Space, Puzzle Mind, Mind Sanctuary, and Dynamic Chemical. Each installation is uniquely package and Instagrammable, and the result of a collaboration of POZE and renowned celebrity photographer Mario Ardi. The POZE x Mario Photographie installation can be enjoyed by visitors on the 3rd floor of Neo Soho Mall until 15 February 2020.