Expanding the Horizon in SOHO Pancoran

November 22, 2019

The lunch break period sounds simple, but many factors need to be considered and taken into account. Like for example, the time needed to travel to the restaurant and then return to the office, the time to queue up, order, and wait for the order to arrive, not to mention choosing what you want to eat for lunch. Therefore, these days many office buildings provide a food court area so that they can at least cut down the travel time. There’s also an added benefit, if there’s a food court within the office building, the workers do not need to worry about the scorching sun or rain because they can still eat without getting sweaty or wet.

The largest property developer in Indonesia, Agung Podomoro Group, through one of its prime projects, SOHO Pancoran continues to bring the latest innovations to facilitate the needs of its residents. Starting from the culinary sector, SOHO Pancoran collaborated with Eat & Eat to bring Kampoeng Kouliner situated on the Lower Ground floor. Kampoeng Kouliner presents more than 23 food and beverage tenants with a wide variety of food choices and affordable prices.

True to its name, Kampoeng Kouliner presents a diverse selection of Indonesian dishes, such as Indonesian fried chicken with spices and herbs with rice (Nasi ayam tangkap), the classic combination of fried rice and fried noodle (Nasi mawut or also known as magelangan), Indonesian grilled beef ribs & soup (Sop & konro bakar), noodle soup (Mie godog), sweet jackfruit stew (Gudeg), and a variety of traditional Indonesian soups. Kampoeng Kouliner has a unique concept where people can enjoy timeless Indonesian food with a comfortable atmosphere.

The culinary sector itself is a very promising sector, the Indonesian Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf) states that the culinary sector contributes around 30% of the total revenue of the tourism sector and the creative economy. In the future, SOHO Pancoran will also be completed with the arrival of Bakmi GM, Es Teler 77, Imperial Tables, Kopi Kenangan, and a supermarket. In addition to the extensive food & beverage tenants, Ganara Art Space has also joined SOHO Pancoran to give painting and pottery classes.

Without a shade of doubt, SOHO Pancoran is a very attractive investment. Equipped with a function hall, sky garden, fitness centre, sky lobby, and swimming pool facilities, SOHO Pancoran is also strategically located in the hub of East Jakarta and only minutes away from Cikampek toll gate, TransJakarta Pancoran Tugu station, and Light Rapid Transit (LRT) Pancoran station.