Board of Commissioners

  • Sofian Effendi

    President Commissioner / Independent Commissioner

    • President Commissioner/Independent Commissioner (since 2019 – present).
    • Independent Commissioner of the Company (since 2019 – present).
    • Attended the National Military Academy (AMN) graduated in 1965, Suslapa Inf graduated in 1974, Seskoad graduated in 1979.
    • Seskogab graduated in 1986, and the KRA XXI National Resilience Institute of the Republic of Indonesia (Lemhannas RI) graduated in 1989.
    • He obtained his Bachelor degree in Economics majoring in Management from Universitas Terbuka in 1995. His career began in the military in 1966 as Danton – Dan KI Group 3 Kopassus and continued to Commander VII/WRB (1993), Asops Kasum ABRI (1993-1995), Asrenum Pangab (1995), Governor of Lemhannas (1996- 1998), Secretary General of the National Education Ministry (1998-2000), Advisor of the Minister of Defense in the Field of Politics and Security (2000-2005), and Special Staff of the Minister of Defense in the field of Politics Law and Security (2005-2009).
    • During his length of service, Sofian Effendi has been assigned overseas several times, including assignments as SAS REGT (OJT) in Australia (1972), Garuda IV (ICCS) in South Vietnam (1973), Seskoad (US-CGSC) in the United States (1981), Seskogab (JSSC) in Australia (1986), as well as work visits to many countries in Asia, Europe and Africa. For his services, he received many honours, including: Satyalancana Dharma Pala, Satyalancana Penegak, Satyalancana Santi Dharma, Satyalancana Dwija Sistha, Satyalancana Seroja, SatyalancanaGOM VII, SatyalancanaKesetiaan XXIV TH, Bt. Kartika Eka Paksi Nararya, Bt. Yudha Dharma Nararya, Bt. Yudha Dharma Pratama, Bt. Kartika Eka Paksi Pratama, Bt. Jasa Utama, dan Bt. Dharma.
    • In the last 6 (six) months, Sofian Effendi has no service to PT Agung Podomoro Land Tbk. (the "Company"), or has the authority and responsibility to plan, lead, control, or supervise any activities at the Company". He has no affiliate relationship with the Company, members of the Board of Commissioners, members of the Board of Directors, or major shareholders of the Company; and does not have business relationships, directly or indirectly, which are related to the Company's business activities


  • Indaryono